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Wholesale Granite Countertops from Kattima Granite

Looking for premium wholesale granite countertops in a wide variety of colours? Want multiple finish options like polished, honed, leathered, flamed etc? You have come to the right place here at Kattima Granite, India. We are a 40+ year old award-winning granite export company. We currently export granite monuments, slabs (gangsaw and cutter sizes) and rough blocks of our granite to customers all over the world, to USA & Canada to China to Taiwan to Australia.

We can currently ship out wholesale granite countertops in as little as 30 to 45 days, to your choice of destination port. Please learn more about the various wholesale granite countertops we have to offer today.

Our Selection of Wholesale Granite Countertops at Kattima Granite

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) = 1 Container | Shipping in: 30-60 Days | Sizes Available: Gangsaw/Cutter (in 16mm, 20mm and custom thickness)

Wholesale Red Pearl Granite Countertops

Red Pearl is an exclusive stone from Kattima Granite. Only we have ownership and access to the quarry that produces this bold and beautiful stone. A close relative to Ruby Red, another very popular red granite, Red Pearl is distinctly characterized by its dark and beautiful swirls and grains.

Besides offering a striking appearance that can be leveraged to beautify and enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces or as cladding for facades, Red Pearl is also an incredibly robust granite, needing very little maintenance. It is scratch-proof and weather resistant.

Order Wholesale Red Pearl Granite Countertops Here 

Prices start @$25 per Sq.Mt FOB India

wholesale red granite countertops

Wholesale Cladon Blue Granite Countertops

Cladon Blue is another beautiful Kattima Exclusive stone! It has a striking resemblance to steel Grey granite. In fact, the resemblance is so strong that it can easily substitute Steel Grey granite, but with a much more affordable price tag. The only difference between Steel Grey and Cladon Blue is the slight bluish tint on the grains. Frankly, Cladon Blue is an upgrade from Steel Grey when it comes to appearance and aesthetics.

Being a neutral color, it can be used anywhere, seamlessly. It is particularly popular as a material for building facades.

Order Wholesale Cladon Blue Countertops Here

Prices start @$20 per Sq.Mt FOB India

Wholesale Brown New Caledonia Granite (Costa Dakota) Countertops

Probably the rarest granite in India at the moment. Costa Dakota is yet another Kattima Exclusive. It has a remarkable appearance to New Caledonia granite in terms of textures and patterns, in a brown avatar.

It’s a fantastic choice of countertops for homes with a classic, modern-classic or earthy look. Kattima Granite can provide this beautiful brown granite in a variety of finishes that can suit several applications both interior and exterior. At any time, Kattima Granite has a supply of wholesale brown New Caledonia granite is both light and dark colours. Please request samples to learn more about this stunning granite.

Order Wholesale Brown New Caledonia (Costa Dakota) Granite Countertops Here

Prices start @$20 per Sq.Mt

Wholesale Kuppam Green (River White) Granite Countertops

A fantastic choice for kitchen countertops are our Kuppam Green slabs. They look very similar to the premium and very popular River White granite. Only on close inspection can you notice very light green waves cascading across the surface of the slab, giving it its Kuppam Green name.

Order Wholesale Kuppam Green (River White) Granite Countertops Here

Prices on Request

Wholesale Viscont White Granite Countertops

Also known as Viscount White or Viskont white, this is a premium granite that was probably the most popular white granite in 2022. It features beautiful swirls of black and grey swirls against a white backdrop. It’s the chaotic and unpredictable contrast between the light and grey that makes this a visually stunning granite to look at. Now to Viscount white countertops are the same, another feature that just adds to the allure of this granite.

Order Wholesale Viscount White Granite Countertops Here

Prices start @$22 per Sq.Mt

Wholesale Steel Blue Granite Countertops

A fantastic material for commercial and large-scale uses, Steel Blue is often used as wall cladding or for outdoor landscapes. But, there’s no reason why it won’t make a great countertop surface as well, especially for mass projects. Besides featuring a striking blue color, Steel Blue is also very easy to maintain and is very affordable, especially when you buy wholesale from Kattima Granite.

Order Wholesale Steel Blue Countertops Here

Prices start @$18 per Sq.Mt FOB India

Wholesale India Black Granite Countertops

Black countertops are timeless and are a choice that you just cannot go wrong with. And Kattima Granite has the most premium wholesale India Black or Absolute Black granite that you can import from India. The stone’s main features are an uncompromisingly deep and rich black surface on a surface that has almost no porosity. It’s a very dense granite.

You can opt for the very popular polished finish or choose one finish styles such as honed, flamed, leathered or bush-hammered, if you are looking for a more sophisticated and uncommon countertop.

Order Wholesale Absolute Black Granite Countertops Here

Prices on request

Other Wholesale Granite Countertops

Besides our exclusives popular colors mentioned above, Kattima Granite also deals in wholesale granite slabs for colors such as Paradiso, Bahama Blue, Elephant Grey, Mint Grey, Meera White, Steel Grey, India Mist, Indian Mahogany, Black Galaxy, SADG (South African Dark Grey), Mint Green (Uba Tuba), Black Forest, Imperial Brown, Moon White, Black Pearl and Regal Black. Please contact us for more information on our current stock, shipping times, finish styles and pricing. We will be happy to assist you.