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Viscount White

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Viscount White

Wholesale Slabs & Rough Blocks of Viscount White

Viscount White is granite’s equivalent to Georgia White marble. It’s a very popular and trending material for kitchen countertops and also for building applications such as wall cladding, facades etc. It features beautiful veins of white, grey and black hues that give it its iconic and swirly aesthetics. Also called Viscont White, this natural stone offers the indulgent beauty of luxurious marble combined with the durability of granite.

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Viscount White Granite Design and Aesthetics

Viscount White Granite, otherwise known as Viscount White, Bianco White and by spelling variations such as Viscont White, Viscon White or Wiscount White is a beautiful white granite stone with stunning swirls and patterns created by light or dark grey veins. It’s a very popular choice of granite for kitchen countertops as well as for building materials used to create luxurious facades or wall cladding. It’s often chosen as a more affordable alternative to Georgia Marble or Calacatta Marble countertops, as it has a very similar pattern.

The patterns of Viscount White Granite vary from stone to stone and sometimes even in the same stone, if the slab is large enough. That’s the nature of this swirly white granite. One must therefore remember that it will be difficult to see a small sample and expect the rest of the slab to display a similar pattern throughout the entirety of the slab. But this characteristic is what actually makes Viscount White granite a unique and rare granite.

Hardness, durability and staining

Viscount White Granite has a rating of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is a very hard stone. This white granite stone has little to no organic fissures,
thanks to its high-density composition. This also makes the stone heat-resistant, less absorbent and also quite resistant to stains.However, one must
remember that all light granite stones are subject to more staining that dark granite stones.


Viscount white granite is a very popular choice for kitchen countertops, capable of immediately infusing sophistication and style into a kitchen. Besides its widespread use in countertops, Viscount White is also a very popular choice of granite for other interior surfaces such as flooring, backsplashes and even shower walls.

This granite is also a very versatile stone that can be used for exterior purposes as well. Wall cladding and facades are the two most popular exterior applications for this rich white granite.

Available Finishes

Viscount White Granite is readily available in polished and leather finishes. However, Katti-Ma Granite can also supply other finishes
such as flamed, honed or brushed finishes. Please send us an inquiry to learn more.

Viscount White Granite Sizes and Wholesale Availability

Katti-Ma Granite can provide wholesale Viscount White Granite in both gangsaw and cutter sizes, in varying thickness levels. We can also provide
custom sizes according to specifications provided by our customers. Send us an inquiry to learn more about our Viscount White Granite supply.

Current Stock Availability

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