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Moon White

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Moon White

Found primarily in South India, our finely-grained, intricately-patterned Moon White granite features speckles and swirls of bright white threaded with silvery grey and jet black. With its gorgeous design and texture, this dependable stone is an elegant option for granite countertops, perfect for creating a spacious look in any kitchen or bath and a stunning choice for walls and flooring domestically and commercially. Another added benefit of the Moon White granite is that it is a good choice even in colder temperatures.

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Moon White

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Moon White Granite Design and Aesthetics 

Moon White granite is the perfect choice of kitchen countertop if you are looking for understated elegance. A subtle white background acts as a canvas upon which light grey and black speckles, swirls and threads play. Moon White granite best pairs with grey, black or cherry cabinets.  Moon white granite is also often called Bacca Bianca, Emerald White, Kashmir Pearl, White Moon or Morning Mist granite. 

Hardness, durability and staining 

Moon White granite is one of the most durable white granite stones. It is particularly known for its resilience in very cold temperatures. In fact, its structural integrity is not compromised even in sub-zero temperatures. It is also heat resistant, making it a good choice as kitchen countertops. Variations in the stone are low, therefore suggesting a robust composition with little or no fissure lines. This of course translates to great durability in the long run. Like all light or white granites, Moon White granite is not impervious to staining. But, just wiping down this countertop is more than enough to keep stains at bay. Sealing is recommended once every year.



Moon White granite is the perfect choice of light or white granite if you are looking for an elegant kitchen. It also seamlessly blends in as a beautiful surface in bathrooms, as vanity surfaces. Moon White granite has also now started to trend as a wall cladding and floor surface in both residential and commercial projects.


Available Finishes

Katti-Ma Granite offers Moon White in a polished finish.


Moon White Granite Sizes and Wholesale Availability

Katti-Ma Granite can provide wholesale Moon White Granite in both gangsaw and cutter sizes, in varying thickness levels. We can also provide custom sizes according to specifications provided by our customers. Send us an inquiry to learn more about our Moon White Granite supply.


Current Stock Availability: Available. Delivery to ports in the USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and more, in 30 days or less!