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Costa Dakota: An Exclusive New Caledonia Brown Granite from Katti-Ma

New Caledonia, also known as Canadian Brown or Caledonia granite is a very popularly used granite stone across the world. Sporting a subtle and neutral array of white and grey speckles, it’s no surprise that this granite is as popular as it is, capable of seamlessly blending into and complementing modern kitchen and exterior architectural landscapes. But what if you love the New Caledonia granite but want an earthier brown color to replace the neutral greys? That’s exactly what’s on offer with Costa Dakota, an exclusive New Caledonia brown granite from Katti-Ma Granite.

Costa Dakota – A New Caledonia Brown Granite


Costa Dakota features a unique pattern that disburses speckles of gold, brown, yellow, black and sometimes red and pink, in a chaotic yet beautiful pattern. The result is a visually stunning surface that is earthy, warm and vibrant, capable of lending a great amount of character to any architectural landscape. Be it indoor as a kitchen countertop or outdoors on wall cladding, Costa Dakota enhances the feel and appeal of its space.

Though the aesthetics are far more strikingly apparent than what you will see in the grey New Caledonia granite, Costa Dakota still remains neutral in whatever environment it is immersed into. This gives it a versatile use case scenario for both modern and classical construction styles.


Costa Dakota granite is extremely durable, making it a practical choice for indoor and outdoor applications. The stone features low porosity and high-heat resistance, making it a perfect kitchen countertop candidate to house even the busiest of stovetops. Outdoors, installed as wall cladding, the granite will last decades without cracking, chipping or excessively fading, thanks to its natural robustness and resilience to the elements.

It should be noted that Costa Dakota has a very high score on Mohs hardness scale.


Featuring very closely packed pores, Costa Dakota is one of the least porous granites in the world. This translates to very easy maintenance, especially when used as kitchen countertops. Any quality granite sealant will protect the gloss of this beautiful granite for years at a time.


Katti-Ma Granite has the ability to provide Costa Dakota granite in a wide range of finish styles. Our most popularly requested finish styles are polished and leathered finishes. We also offer honed and flamed finishes.


As mentioned earlier, the low maintenance requirements and high-heat resistance make Costa Dakota a great kitchen countertop material. It’s also very popular as wall cladding for the same reasons, when exposed to sun and rain. Its low water porosity also makes it an excellent building material in wet areas such as landscaping around bathtubs, swimming pools, shower areas etc.

Consistency & Variance

Unlike New Caledonia granite which features rather significant variance on the stone’s surface over even 2,000 to 3,000 square feet of coverage, Costa Dakota provides a uniform pattern presentation for much larger coverage areas. This makes this New Caledonia Brown granite an excellent choice as brown natural stone of choice for applications that require widespread surface area coverage.

Our Costa Dakota Granite Projects

Below are just a few of our landmark Costa Dakota projects, featured from all over the world. Primarily used as wall cladding by our customers, Costa Dakota has been able to infuse style, sophistication and prestige into our customer’s buildings and architecture.

Wholesale New Caledonia Brown Granite from Katti-Ma Granite

With over 40 years in the business, Katti-Ma Granite has the ability to supply this stunning New Caledonia Brown Granite to any port in the world, in 30-45 days. Mined from our own quarries and marked and cut into rough blocks or slabs with great care, Katti-Ma can be your natural stone supply partner capable of providing you with a constant and quality supply of this unique brown granite.

Our customers feature builders and construction companies all over the world from countries such as USA, Canada, Taiwan, China, Australia and many more. Learn more about Katti-Ma Granite here. Get in touch with us here.

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