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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Red Granite

Red is a colour of positivity and health. Red Granite, with its exquisite properties, has already made its name known in the construction industry. Enormous range of patterns and colourful compounds of red granite are found in nature. It can easily adapt to different finishes, which makes it stand out from all other granites. It’s used for both interior and exterior structures like benchtop, table top and wall cladding. Katti-ma group is the largest quarry owner & exporter of economically viable red granite in South India. We fall under the top 10 exporters of red granite in major countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Here are the 6 reasons why you should use Red Granite 

Reason 1: Durability

The Red Granite has a high glossy finish and wear resistance with a rating of 6 on Mohs Hardness Index. As it has excellent resistance to different weather conditions, Red Granite is widely used in open spaces like high traffic pavements, airports, temple & religious projects, facades & walkways as it’s easy to maintain and adds up a ravishing look. In China & South East Asia, Red Granite is the go-to colour for staircases, raisers & countertops in residential projects. Because of its auspiciousness, Red Granite is used for Puja rooms & entry verandah in Indian homes.

Reason 2: Auspisionness & Culture

Red is China’s national color. It is also the most auspicious color used across the Chinese mainland. Hence, Red Granite is a popular choice in Chinese for Buildings & Worship places. It is also used extensively inside homes for staircases, raisers & all countertops. Red and gold are synonymous with prosperity in Asia. In India, red is considered as a very auspicious color and is widely used for rituals in worship places. Red Granite also makes a perfect building facade and beautifies high maintenance areas such as walkways, airports.

Reason 3: Vibrance

The red is always termed as a colour which blends with any background in the interior space. The Red Granite is available in shades ranging from dark to light in the natural stone market based on the resources. They are of different finishes like honed finish, leather finish & polished finish, which makes red granite rich in its look and feel. The stones are quarried from the mines and cut into Gangsaw or cutter size based on the client’s requirement.

Reason 4: Natural material with Zero Carbon emission

Red granite is a variety of Alkali feldspar granite, they are rich in the mineral potassium feldspar (K-spar). It’s a dense rock with a phaneritic texture. Red granite is found in 22 countries and the major resources are obtained from China, India, The USA, Russia and Brazil. Unlike artificial tiles & engineered stone, it is formed naturally and does not impact the environment in any way.

Reason 5: Usage & life

The properties of Red Granite are not much different from other granites like blue granite, black granite, white granite, grey granite etc. The most enthralling properties of Red Granite are its elegance, durability and porosity. What makes granite the most desirable stone in the construction field is its resistance to abrasions, easy maintenance, seamless finish, unique pattern and acceptance to changing weather conditions.

Reason 6: Outdoor Usage & Memorialization

Red granite is really hard and highly porous making it last for years & decades without any damage and therefore, it is extensively used to build monuments. The Veterans War memorial project in the USA uses granite to preserve the history that gets engraved on the stone. Granite possesses a unique capability of passing the tales of past generations & civilizations to different generations.