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Viscount White Granite – The Most Popular White Granite in 2022

2022 has been a year where the use of white granites have been trending all over the world. One white granite in particular has seen significantly more demand than the others – We are of course talking about Viscount White Granite. Order Wholesale Viscount White Granite blocks and slabs.

Viscount White Granite – All You Need to Know about this Stunning White Granite

Where does Viscount White Granite come from?

Viscount White granite is exclusively found in India. Quarries in Southern India, particularly in the state of Andhra Pradesh, have rich reserves of high-quality Viscount White Granite. We at Katti-Ma granite have exclusive access to these quarries in the district of Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh. We specialize in delivering both Viscount White granite rough blocks and slabs to customers all around the world.

This white granite with grey veins is simply stunning to look at. Customers around the world love to use this stone as countertops for the kitchen, bathrooms and even in general areas of the home. It is also becoming quite a popular choice as outdoor granite material as well. Used as wall cladding and in building facades, Viscount White granite can quickly add grandeur and sophistication to almost any architecture. Besides being beautiful and one-of-a-kind, Viscount White granite is also very durable, making it a practical choice as a kitchen countertop.

Viscount White granite goes by many names and spelling variations. Some of the most popular names for it include; Bianco Viscont White, Viscont White, Viskont, Wiscount White and sometimes even VW granite.

Viscount White Granite Colours and Aesthetics

As mentioned earlier, Viscount White is a white granite with swirly grey veins. However, these swirls can sometimes be white or even black in colour. What’s very unique about Viscount White is how the patterns change from slab to slab. The chaotic variations from slab to slab is what actually makes this a very desirable granite for use in interior spaces. It’s a granite with a lot of character.

The patterns on Viscount White Granite can sometimes even vary quite differently in the same slab. Patterns on slabs can also vary depending on how the Viscount White granite rough block is cut.

Another reason why Viscount White is very popular is because it is a much more cost-effective alternative to marble countertops. It is particularly sought after an alternative to the very expensive Calacatta marble.


Viscount White Durability

Viscount White granite is very durable as it is a dense granite. The high-density often means that the stone has very little or even no fissure lines. The higher density also makes this granite less absorbent than most granites. Less absorbency of course means that it is more stain resistant than most light granites out there.

On a hardness scale, Viscount White granite comes in at 7 on the Mohs scale, making it a very hard and durable granite. Is Viscount White granite also heat resistant? The answer is yes, Viscount White is a heat resistant granite. One will have no problems using it to house stovetops where a lot of cooking is to be done.

Being a very hard granite, Viscount White is also quite scratch resistant. This again makes it a very practical choice as a kitchen countertop material.

Viscount White Granite Maintenance

Being a very dense granite, Viscount White will not need much of maintenance at all! But, sealing granite countertops made out of this material will help prolong and maintain the luster and beauty of this exotic white granite. Sealing is recommended once every year. Everyday maintenance simply requires a good wipe-down with a damp cloth dipped in water. One must avoid cleaning Viscount White granite with chemical cleaning solutions such as Windex. In fact, you must avoid chemical cleaning of any granite. If you must use cleaning solutions, look for granite-safe cleaning solutions and also test such solutions on a small area of your Viscount White granite countertop first.

Viscount White Finishes

Viscount White is available as either a polished surface or as a leathered surface. A polished finish is the most sought-after finish for this granite. But a leather finish has its uses and appeal as well, often used alongside polished Viscount White, to offer a bit of contrast.

There are other finish styles for Viscount White granite. They are; flamed, honed, brushed or bush hammered. But these finishes are not nearly as popular as the polished or leathered finish styles.

viscount white granite leather finish Polished Viscount White Granite

Is Viscount White Granite Better than Quartz Countertops?

This is a debatable matter. First of all, Viscount White granite is less expensive that comparable Quartz countertops. Viscount White granite is also an all-natural stone, while quartz is not entirely natural. Quartz countertops do however generally outperform granites when it comes to stain resistance. But with Viscount White being a very dense granite, the difference in this aspect is quite negligible. In other words, if you like the unique look of Viscount White granite, there’s no reason why you must pass on it for a Quartz countertop!

Viscount White Sizes

We at Katti-Ma Granite can provide you with wholesale Viscount White granite in any size you need. From shipping whole rough blocks to Gangsaw slabs (260×160 cm) to cutter slabs (180×60 cms), we can have your Viscount White granite delivered to you in 30 days or even less, in any port of your choice, almost anywhere in the world. Our Viscount White slabs are available in 2 and 3 cm variations. We also accept custom size orders.

Please see our Viscount White Granite product page for more details.

Why is Viscount White Granite so popular?

  • Affordable – A great cost-effective alternative to marble, offering the same luxurious aesthetics. Also cheaper than aesthetically comparable quartz granites
  • Heat-resistant – Making it an ideal countertop surface for a kitchen environment
  • Stain-resistant – Viscount White is one of the most stain-resistant light granites out there
  • Outdoor friendly – Can endure sunlight and UV exposure, without fading, for a long time
  • Scratch-resistant – Can easily fend off nicks and cuts from knives, utensils and glass