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Leathered Granite: Texture You Can See and Feel

When it comes to granite countertops, polished and honed are easily the most popular finish styles. But, leathered is another finish that has been steadily gaining popularity over the years. Let’s learn more about this particular finish style.

What is a leathered granite finish?

It’s called a leathered finish because the granite actually feels like you are running your hands over leather. The granite is non-reflective and has a subtle matte finish. It’s very popularly used on dark colours but can be used on lighter colors as well, like a leathered Viscount white granite finish. But the main characteristic of this finish style has to do with the texture.

One can both feel and look at the texture. Unlike polished surfaces that are glossy and smooth, a leathered surface will feature subtle pits and fissures, lending it a very natural look. You however don’t have to worry about the surface being uneven though. Your countertop will not present problems where your plates or cutting boards rock around. What it will do is give you a countertop that looks and feels very unique.

Who will like leathered granite countertops?

Anyone who loves a natural look will love a granite countertop with a leathered finish. Unlike polished finishes that look great but offer little touch appeal, leathered granite countertops will feel rustic. People who go with a leathered finish on their countertops often enjoy great appreciation from visiting guests who invariably find the granite countertop to be a conversation piece.

Some granite stones like veined or speckled granites are particularly good candidates for a leathered finish as the stone’s patterns come alive not just visually but by feel as well. It’s a fantastic finish style to choose for homes with a rustic, earthy or with subtle deco themes.

How is the leathered granite countertop finish created?

It takes experienced hands to create a beautiful, leathered finish on any countertop. At Kattima Granite, we have experienced granite finishing craftsmen who know exactly how to achieve a leathered finish that will match an architect’s vision for the granite. Leathering is achieved by using diamond tipped brushes to run over the entirety of a slab’s surface.

These diamond-tipped brushes are available in many grits and different grits produce different results. Even the pressure and duration of brushing applied on these brushes will dictate the quality and appeal of a leathered finish. At Kattima, all of our stones are offered in a leathered finish. Please see examples of leathered finishes on our stones below. If you are after a very particular leathered look, you can talk to us about the aesthetics you have in mind, and we will go to great lengths to create that exact vision you have in your mind.

Below is the selection of beautiful leather finish granite stones Kattima Granite offers.

Advantages of Leathered Finish Countertops

Brings out the natural beauty of Granite

Granite is a natural stone, and a leathered finish lets granite show itself off as the beautiful natural stone that is. Minute fissures, pits and veining you can feel and give your countertop an earthy feel, like you have unprocessed and beautiful stone in your home.

Low maintenance

Granite generally is a very low-maintenance stone. But leathered finishes take low maintenance to another level. The brushing with diamond-tipped brushes tightens the stone’s pores. As a result, it is very, very stain resistant and also water spot resistant. It’s also very durable and easy to clean. Some soap water and a soft bristle brush is all that’s needed to keep your countertop looking gorgeous for years.


Granite is easily the most popular stone of choice for countertops. While there are hundreds of colours of granites, most people opt for a polished or honed finish. Opting for a leathered finish will leave you owning a countertop that looks stunningly unique.

Disadvantages of Leathered Finish Countertops

Can make small kitchens look smaller

Because leathered finishes are non-reflective in nature, they can make small kitchen counters look even smaller. Choose a leathered finish only when you plan to create ample countertop space with your granite.

Ideal only for a single countertop, without seams

Since leathered countertops have texture that you can feel and see, they are not an ideal choice when you are trying to create your countertop with more than one piece. Unlike polished or even honed finishes that can be joined in a seamless way, leathered finishes tend to show up as separate pieces at the seams.