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Black Galaxy Granite for Saudi Arabia, From Katti-Ma Granite

Black Galaxy granite is the quintessential choice of granite stone for both residential as well as commercial building projects. The iconic gold specks hurtling through a black background mimic an expansive galaxy, giving this famous granite its signature name and worldwide appeal. Robust in build and very easy to maintain, it also has the ability to seamlessly blend into almost any exterior and interior design theme.

Saudi Arabian customers looking for wholesale Black Galaxy Granite now have access to this high quality and versatile granite from Katti-Ma Granite (India), a 40-year-old leader in the field of wholesale granite exports to all parts of the world.

Learn more about how and why you must source Black Galaxy from Katti-Ma Granite.

Why Choose Katti-Ma Granite for your Black Galaxy Granite Needs in Saudi Arabia?


Katti-Ma Granite Owns and Operates Its Own Granite Factory, Capable of Delivering Rough Blocks and Slabs

Katti-Ma Granite offers a distinctive cost and logistics advantage because we own our own granite factory, in the port city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Besides being equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for granite rough block processing, we also have a granite monument wing capable of cutting rough blocks into granite slabs.

So, whether you need Black Galaxy Rough Blocks or Slabs, we at Katti-Ma have the ability to deliver exactly that, at very competitive prices and in expedited time frames, as explained further below.

Competitive Black Galaxy Granite Pricing

Our long-term and exclusive sourcing arrangements with one of the biggest and best Black Galaxy granite quarries in India, streamlined transport and delivery logistic systems and the use of our own port-based factory in Chennai gives us the edge when it comes to pricing. Below is an indication of current Black Galaxy granite prices customers in Saudi Arabia can expect to pay when ordering from us.


Black Galaxy Granite Prices in Saudi Arabia

FOB Prices (Chennai / Vizag Port)
Cutter Size (16 mm) Gangsaw Size (20 mm)
Price per sq.mt
$27 to $35 $41 to $68

black galaxy granite for saudi arabia

Need Black Galaxy Granite in Saudi Arabia?

Send us a message with your Black Galaxy Granite requirements and we will get back to you in 1 business day or less!


    Single Quarry Source – Consistent and Ongoing Availability of Quality Black Galaxy Granite

    Katti-Ma has exclusive access to the best and biggest quarry for Black Galaxy granite in India, situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Whether you need just one or two containers of Black Galaxy Granite in Saudi Arabia or are in need of a much larger consignment that needs to be delivered on regular or scheduled basis, we can deliver, month after month, year after year.

    A single quarry source allows us to deliver consistent quality, pricing and availability.

    15 to 30 Day Black Galaxy Granite Delivery to Saudi Arabia

    With 40 years of experience, we at Katti-Ma Granite have the ability to deliver your consignment of Black Galaxy Granite to Saudi Arabia in as little as 15 days from the date of order. Delivery timelines can however vary between 15 to 30 days, depending on a few factors such as time taken for government clearance and also based on usual vagaries in sailing and port transit times.

    No-Risk Letter of Credit Payment Process

    Buy with confidence using a Letter of Credit from your bank. Your funds deposited in your own bank are cleared and transferred to us ONLY after your consignment of Black Galaxy Granite has satisfactorily reached your port of choice in Saudi Arabia.

    We Ship to Multiple Ports in Saudi Arabia

    We are currently able to immediately ship to Dammam, Jizan or the Dhuba port in Saudi Arabia. Other ports can be serviced as well. Please contact us for more details.

    We Have Other Blacks and Other Exclusive Colours

    Need more than just Black Galaxy Granite? Katti-Ma can be your one-stop-shop for granites in many more shades of black and other colours. Below is a sampling of other granite colours available at Katti-Ma. To see our full range, please see our entire range of granite rough blocks and granite slabs.

    Our Other Black Granite

    Our Exclusive Colour Granite

    About Katti-Ma Granite

    Katti-Ma Granite is a multiple-time award winning exporter of whole granite blocks, slabs, monuments and granite art. Over 40 years, we have developed long-lasting relationships with customers all around the world, including customers in USA, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, China & more. You can learn more about us here.