40 years in the Dimensional Stone Industry catering to Building projects with Quality control & Pre-Shipment Inspection of Granite Rough Blocks procured from the tristate granite quarries in South India, Katti-Ma’s Trading & merchandising division is one of oldest & the most Reputed amongst the Indian Granite Industry. Our team of experienced Geologists, Granite inspectors & logistics partners stationed near the largest quarrying activities ensures buyer pick up service, good allowances & timely marking & loading of blocks. Contractual agreements with quarries in Samantha Blue granite , Cladon Blue granite, Paradiso granite, Vizag blue, River white, Yellow fantasy

Our mission is Consistent quality of granite blocks & granite slabs made in India or made in China for seamless colour matching at project installations.

The Trading division is expanding its offering to Granite slabs & cut to size from block cutter & multi wire saw units that our hand picked by us & located close to the source ,thus offering the customer lowest guaranteed pricing of sawn slabs from these facilities thru the nearest container ports . A processing line offering Horned, bush hammered, leather finish , lapatula, water jet, flamed etc of these slabs will soon be available from Kattima’s Chennai factory with Chinese technology & operations.