Make@source is an investment opportunity for like minded companies to make in India close to raw material source . This reduces government royalties & brings in saving on transportation costs . Katti-Ma has industrially converted land bank close to the raw material sources of building stone & granite quarries that are available for investors to take advantage off. The projects that can be set up are Granite block cutters or multi wire saws for slabs & cut to size offering various finishes such as Horned , bush hammered, leather finish, lapatula, water jet, flamed etc. In other facilities close to metro cities we offer industrial land to produce building stone production centres for kerbs & pavers, concrete bricks, gravel crushers & M sand units for which large extent of captive quarrying land , High tension power, approach roads, railroads & licences are already in place .

Join us to invest in the future of the building material business . Check out on the Project site details ;