To create a global business ,where partners gravitate, investments multiply, and relationships and trust create success for all.


Driven by global standards, sustainable practices and a creative culture, Kattima will create market leadership position in its chosen scope of activities.

Shri. K.S Gokuldas & Kalyan Kumar,
Directors- Katti-Ma Group

You and I will always be unfinished business

Katti-Ma: 38 years in business. 38 years of learning and growing. 38 years of building relationships. One simple belief. Our business with you is unfinished. Be it a partner, associate or customer. We have more to do, more to develop and more to grow – together. A lesson taught to me by my father, a visionary who started the Company, a lesson that has become a part of our Company’s essence, our existence, our culture.
We have succeeded thus far through our strength in building relationships, and we continue to do exactly that, as we embark on our ambitious global journey for our Company. Join us in our efforts to build our businesses together. Block by block. By building our relationship together. Block by block.
Dr G Kalyan Kumar,
Group Managing Director,


Kattima: Build relationships. Build businesses. A simple philosophy driving a strong business. With a strong base covering the southern states of India, multiple joint-ventures with Japanese partners, partnerships in China and Taiwan, operations in South East Asia, and marketing presence in the USA, the Company is now leveraging its strengths, built over 38 years, to consolidate and grow its businesses worldwide. The Company retains its focus in its core dimensional stone business, now backward integrated into quarrying, through a Mining and Minerals based JV with a Japanese Partner, and holding significant mining licenses in the South-east state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Company has also diversified into finished products with the setting up of a manufacturing base through 2 key JV projects, both with Japanese investments – one for Monument stones, established 25 years ago and another, for the processing of aggregates and M-Sand, established more recently. In a high growth economy like India, exciting opportunities in the property development sector have driven the growth of Kattima towards the creation of living spaces and commercial office, retail and warehousing spaces, as well as creating hotel rooms for the hospitality sector.

Today, Kattima is strongly positioned to grow its core business of materials supply globally, while furthering its interests in property development in the Southern states of India, relying on its ability to build relationships – block by block.